President's message

If the 20th century was about meeting human needs, the new millennium is about matching human aspirations.  For Today’s generation, it is all about dreaming bigger, scaling new heights and demanding more; a world that is challenging the limits of hope and possibility. 
Our goal is not just to build a great enterprise for our stakeholders, but, more importantly, to build a great future for our Country, our Region, and our People and the power to fulfill their dreams, shape their own destiny, and the means to realize their true and diverse potential.
Automotive, Real Estate, Construction, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Heavy Machinery & Equipment, new economy and old - our business addresses a broad spectrum and span of the entire varied landscape of emerging human aspirations.  We will work with commitment and resolve to create pathways that connect ambition to achievement, promise to performance, and potential to reality....
We will deliver best-of-class products and services to our customers.  Focusing on the growing aspirations of our stakeholders will remain one of our key driving values.  We will rethink every business processes, products and services from the standpoint of the consumer – with a commitment to enhance their experience at every touch point and provide Total Ownership Experience.
My father and the founder of CIHAN Group, Late Haj Yahya Saeed Bajger instilled in us a simple rule for entrepreneurial success: “Think Big - Act Fast & Nothing is Impossible”.  We also value the rights and dignity of other human beings, as much we value our own.  It is in our culture to show respect to others, in order to gain respect from them.  We relentlessly practice the policy of “doing the things right, first time and every time”, helping us to reach our Goals.
We will think bigger and act faster but most important of all, we believe in ourselves and are convinced that Nothing is Impossible – to stay ahead of competition and of our times.  As a Company, we have always prided ourselves in our services and are continuously striving to take it to the next level.  That is why any product or service you get from us is nothing less than the best from us.
CIHAN MOTORS has set itself a challenging goal of representing the best products under its umbrella, Countrywide, in the near future.
Always Welcome to CIHAN MOTORS – a new dimension to Customer Experience.

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