Spare Parts

Spare Parts

At Erbil TASS we only offer Original Parts imported from Toyota. We serve our customers and all other Toyota owners in the region. We provide a bumper-to-bumper range of parts and for all models. Our parts stores have an area of 480 m2. Toyota ordering (EPC) and stock control systems are in place. Our team is trained at Toyota’s training facilities in Japan, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Malaysia and Jordan. For all enquiries, we invite our customers to visit us at the Erbil TASS Kerkuk Road Salahadeen Street CIHAN Plaza / ERBIL Telephone: 2105 226 66 964+ / 2106 226 66 964+ / 2107 226 66 964+ P.O. Box: 0116 – 70

Schedule Service Appointment

Schedule Service Appointment

We offer you full service at predetermined intervals or through scheduling your service appointment. Typical procedure check also includes:

  • Oil Check
  • Filter Check
  • Check Valve Adjustment
  • Idle Mixture Adjustment
  • TPS Adjustment (EFI engine only)
  • Clutch Pedal Check ( MTM only )
  • Brake Pedal Check
  • Hand brake Check and Adjust
  • Brake Fluid Level Check
  • Brake Hoses and Lines Check
  • Front and Rear Suspension Check and Tight
  • Body, chassis bolts & nuts
  • Check tires pressure

Since 2006, Cihan started its service facility in Erbil – Kurdistan / Iraq. To meet the high service demands, and with the support, coordination and supervision of Toyota Motors Corp. (TMC) and Toyota Tsusho Corp. (TTC), the processes and standards of Cihan Motors were evaluated, reviewed and upgraded to meet the Toyota TASS standards.

Erbil TASS provides service for all Toyota cars whether sold by Cihan or otherwise. It is conveniently located with easy access from anywhere in the city. A comfortable customer waiting area is available.

The workshop equipment, tools, special tools and diagnostics are all according to Toyota standards. Mobile Service Workshops are available when needed.

The workshop team is being continuously trained at the Toyota Training Centers in Japan, Bahrain, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The service outlet is TEAM 21 qualified.

Our target is always quality. The Toyota “CUSTOMER-FIRST” philosophy is strictly followed. The Customer Relations team is always available for follow-up and ensure total customer satisfaction.

As all stock and projects cars are covered by warranty, the Erbil TASS service facility will execute the warranty provided by the Sales Department.

Furthermore, Cihan established a network of service facilities to provide after-sales service and parts for the new fleets. The Erbil outlet being an authorized TASS (TOYOTA Authorized Service Station), means the customers will receive service according to the worldwide TOYOTA standards.

You can conveniently book your next service visit by contacting us at:

Address: Kerkuk Road Salahadeen Street CIHAN Plaza / ERBIL
Telephone: +964 66 226 2105
+964 66 226 2106
+964 66 226 2107
P.O. Box: 0116 – 70

To provide after-sales service to the farmers and taxi owners in the other provinces of Kurdistan, Cihan opened a service facility in Suleimaniya in January, 2009. With the assistance of TTC, it is now being upgraded to meet the TASS Minimum Requirements Guidelines stipulated by TMC. It is our ambition that it becomes the next TASS in Kurdistan. At present, another service outlet is under construction in Duhok.

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