For many years now, the KRG (Kurdistan Regional Government) is coordinating and implementing a comprehensive and strategic plan to develop the regional infrastructure. In the transport sector, the aim was to improve productivity and protect the environment by modernizing the vehicles directly involved in the daily activities of the people. Since 2006, the Taxi project was launched

Taxi Project: In the same way, taxi owners were offered suitable-sized new cars with air-conditioning. To help the taxis owners, an installment payment system was introduced. Now in its second phase, more than 10,000 taxis were distributed.
In this innovative project, and from the very beginning, TOYOTA and Cihan were key partners. For the taxis Toyota Corolla cars were offered respectively. Cihan worked very closely with Toyota and the projects’ sponsor to define the most suitable specifications and recommend the colors.

Cihan established a very efficient logistics operation that ensures prompt delivery of the new cars. A fleet of 42 new car transporters is continuously operating on the Mersin – Zakho – Erbil logistics route; 35 operate in Turkey and 7 in Iraq. A fully equipped 30,000 sq.m. warehousing and handling area was established in Zakho.

Furthermore, Cihan established a network of service facilities to provide the best after-sales service and parts for the new fleets.

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